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How to Relieve Pain with Red Borneo Kratom: Step by Step

red borneo effects

If you’re looking for a natural, effective way to treat your chronic pain, look no further. Red Borneo Kratom is used for its pain relief benefits by thousands of people around the world. Red Borneo is an excellent kratom strain for strong pain relief. It’s high alkaloid level, 7-hydroximitragynine, produces potent analgesic and relaxation effects […]

Green Malay for Depression: Legit or Scam??

green malay kratom

Green Malay is one of the most popular kratom strains on the market and can provide a wide range of benefits. In this article I’ll explain, via research AND personal experience, wether Green Malay is an ideal strain to mitigate the symptoms of depression or wether you’re better off saving your money. Due to it’s […]

A Researcher’s Guide to Understanding Yellow Kratom

yellow kratom

Most people today have either tried or researched the three main strains of Kratom, which are the white, green, and red-veined varieties, but not so many when it comes to Yellow Kratom. So, what does yellow vein Kratom do? Well, that’s a question that we’re getting ready to discover in this researcher’s guide to understanding […]

Does Kratom Tea Help With Anxiety, Pain, and Opiate Withdrawal?

Kratom tea

Kratom tea is getting plenty of attention nowadays, but what actually is it? This energizing or relaxing brew (depending on the strain) comes from the leaves of the kratom tree. This now-famous tree, which is part of the coffee family, originates from Southeast Asia, and remains wildly popular in the region.   And with globalization […]

Can you Smoke Kratom?

can you smoke kratom

Kratom is now a widely-used alternative to opioid drugs, largely because of its less addictive nature. Furthermore, kratom is legal and less harmful than certain other recreational drugs – although products must always be taken responsibly, especially by inexperienced users.   People enjoy kratom in several ways. Some brew infused teas with powder or kratom […]

Your Guide to Sandai Kratom 

sandai kratom

Sandai kratom is another Indonesian strain with a growing reputation. Sourced from Ketapang, Sandai is renowned for its potent aroma and fast-acting effects. This is a fairly moderate strain, without the intensity of a Maeng Da. But this makes Sandai a dependable kratom for all situations.  We’ve got lots to cover on kratom in general, […]

Your Guide to Ketapang kratom

ketapang kratom

Ketapang kratom comes from Indonesia, and is one of many high-quality strains from the country. We have three types of Ketapang available at – Red, White and Green – which produce a range of effects.  Ketapang is perhaps not the best-known kratom, but it’s wildly popular with users. We’ll be discussing what makes this […]

An In-Depth Green Borneo Kratom Review

green borneo kratom

Green Borneo Kratom is an excellent choice for new and experienced users looking for pain relief, mood elevation, enhanced concentration, and increased energy. On a global scale, Green Borneo is a very popular strain with many beneficial and all-natural properties that helps people on a daily basis from chronic pain and varying health conditions to […]

A Comprehensive Red Borneo Kratom Review

red borneo kratom

When it comes to a high-quality nootropic that offers relaxation without drowsiness, Red Borneo Kratom is the best red vein strain variety currently available in today’s marketplace. However, this profile provides more than just relaxation properties, it contains a laundry list of medical benefits, which we’re about to explore in this comprehensive Red Borneo Kratom […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Green Malay Kratom

green malay kratom

This comprehensive guide to understanding Green Malay Kratom is specifically designed to help those who are looking for safer alternatives as opposed to harmful and addictive prescription medication. Green Malay has been traditionally used for centuries to treat a variety of health-related conditions, including anxiety and depression as well as an all-natural energy supplement. What […]

Best Kratom Strains for Energy, Focus & Euphoria [2020]| See Chart

best kratom for energy

It is not easy to live in a demanding environment, be it from work, family, or the community. Therefore, it is understandable to turn to stimulating supplements to cope with everyday battles and increase energy. Kratom is one of the herbal supplements you can use to increase energy. According to historical records, Southern Thai and […]

How Much Kratom Is Too Much?

kratom dosage

Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia has drawn concern from critics and praise from advocates. Some of the praises the plant has received are its ability to relieve pain, ease stress and anxiety, and treat opioid withdrawal. Among those who criticize Kratom are the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who claim that […]

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